Intimate Workshops

Creatively sassy workshops.

Blow Jobs for the Millennium

Along with covering numerous tried & tested maneuvers, this class will answer all of your questions about everything involving knob slobbing. From timing & rhythm to teasing & humming, the science of his inner workings will be completely unmasked. A few handjob techniques will also be incorporated.

Intuitive Painting

Part of giving and receiving good sex is being able to tap into your intuitive nature. Relax and express yourself allowing your emotions to spill out onto paper, leaving your analytical self behind. This class will cover the biological and tantric importance of relaxation during sex & life in general. A great stress reliever.

The Art of the Snake Shake, A.K.A. Handjobs

Sometime’s mistaken for the blowjob’s little brother, this handjob class will open your bedroom to a whole new set of options. Get creative using your most dexterous body part, your hand. While learning to engage your sense of touch, you’ll stroke with the skill of a seasoned masseuse & the golden touch of a god or goddess by the end of the workshop. Learn how to incorporate some mouth movements as well.

DIY Pastie Design

Design and flaunt your own nipple tassels! Make ‘em naughty, elegant, cutesy or over the top, anyway around it, you’ll make ‘em beg for more. This class will supply you with a surplus of design ideas & supplies to create your own pasties.

Dirty Beer Tasting

With beer flavored training wheels, a sloshed Hemmingway loved and lived like a lion. Marlene Dietrich was a drunk fox late into her 80′s. Just to round out the entire experience of sensuality and pleasure we’re offering a beer tasting workshop. Sample and discuss a collection of exotic & American beers that best embody the lust of the devil’s playground, like the Sex Panther, the Polygamy Porter, the Sexual Chocolate, the Mouse Knuckle, the Big Cock, the Doggy Style, or the Pearl Necklace. Delish! This event can be added to any class or as a stand alone event.

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